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Robin Hood Pageant tickets

Robin Hood Pageant

As you enter through the woods, the sounds and smells of Robin Hood’s encampment will guide you to his merry band of outlaws hiding out. Close by, a royal hunting party, led by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, is about to snare their biggest prize of all.

This unique immersive experience will take you back to a forest close to 12th Century Snotingaham. See local minstrels, artisans and characters. Eat, drink and be merry. Learn a trade or two. Meet the man who would become a legend.

Will word get out on Robin’s location? See the Sheriff’s men ride in to challenge his supremacy of the forest and the hearts of the people.

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Robin Hood Pageant Fan Reviews (22) 4.7
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Fun Day Out

The pageant was a fun day out. We took junior-school aged kids. It would be enjoyable for adults on their own too, and many people had younger children with them. The website for the Castle recommends parking in a car park which is currently being demolished. We ended up parking about a 5-10 minute walk away in an NCP "Maid Marrion" multi-story carpark which was under £5 for the whole day (I was glad I was in a small car and that we were all fit enough not to need a lift.) The marketing material for the event didn't properly explain what it would be like. This is what I would have liked to know before hand: * There is a big outside area called "castle green" which is the upper lawn right by the museum and this is where the actuall time-tabled show all takes place. When we got there we asked a Steward where to go and were directed to the wrong place! * You are outside all the time, and they have build a small stadium of 3-4 wide steps so that everyone can see the show. * You can go in the museum/cafe (which obviously is indoors) * It's worth printing off the time-table to take with you, or having the pdf downloaded on your phone. * The Show consisted of a double act Robin & Sherrif comparing and filling between the other acts with harmless banter and juggling etc. The "Historia Normannis" are people dressed up acting out a battle with shields and weapons. "Raptorcare" is a guy giving a talk and presentation about falconry. "The Knights of Nottingham" are AMAZING. They do jousting and will impress you with their horsemanship even if like me you're not particually interested in horses. They show off their skills in an entertaining spectacular way. We watched the whole show and enjoyed it all, but you can come and go as you please. * As well as the 'Show' the lower lawns are covered with tents full of lots of "Medieval" people. Most of this is free and entertaining. For example the King's tent, a black-smith's tent, a surgeon's tent. By the bandstand there were other entertainers such as a puppet show, jesters etc. * There are some food stands with burgers, pork cobs, German saucage, and a bar. Prices were in line with that you'd expect. There was one tent where you could pay £2 to try and win a toy sword. I was glad that there weren't more of these as I find the pester-power can ruin the day with me having to say "no you can't, we've already spent enough" There was hardly any queuing. It would have been OK to take a picnic. * There was an area where volunteers taught you how to sword fight, and you could try on armour. There was no additional fee for this. It was hidden away behind the museum, and was quiet when we went so I had about 20 minutes of one-to-one tuition. It was absolutely awsome! * We got there at 11 and stayed until 4. The kids wanted to stay even longer. * The atmosphere was friendly. * The toilets were a bit grotty. I'd definately go again. If you go next year don't miss the Knights of Nottingham bit of the show!

Posted by CarolMansfield on 13/03/2018

Robin Hood Pageant, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham - 11th March 2018

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Great day as always

Fabulous day. Doesn’t matter how many times we go it just gets better. My children had a ball. Hope it’s on next year. We were worried about the comments that it might not be.

Posted by Katie on 12/03/2018

Robin Hood Pageant, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham - 11th March 2018

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Fab day out for all ages

Great day out, lots of fun and very informative, great entertainment

Posted by Jules on 12/03/2018

Robin Hood Pageant, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham - 11th March 2018

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Great experience

We got tickets for the 11 o’clock show and got there slightly later which turned out to be just right in time for the entertainment. It was overall a great experience for both parents and our boys but the bird show was rather dull. Gentleman presenting it was hugely knowledgable but not charismatic enough to hold such young audience. Personally I would have preferred to have maybe half an hour break between the battle showings therefore we would have gotten a chance to have a bite to eat as kids got a bit bored and cranky (even though they really enjoyed the big battle at the end!) Overall great memories and fantastic viewing! Thank you!

Posted by Ola on 12/03/2018

Robin Hood Pageant, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham - 11th March 2018

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I liked the fighting performances, I think Friar Tuck was over played in the final performance. I wasn’t a big fan of the parts where it was just the Sherif and Robin, especially their jokes.

Posted by Paul on 12/03/2018

Robin Hood Pageant, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham - 11th March 2018